3 P's of Successful Sales

Product, Prospect and Persuasion


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Sales? How about Salesman / Sales person? For many people it is the image of a sleazy, used car salesman. I don’t know why it is always someone who sells cars, but I do get the sleazy image pops up for many people.

Sales is rarely considered a noble profession. Yet no business would be here today if it were not for their Sales Team. It does not matter how amazing your widget, product, or service is, until someone buys it you do not have a business.

Sales is not selling whatever the person in front of you needs just to make a sale. Sales is not selling your favorite widget to someone who does not need a widget.

Sales is moving the right people to take an action that benefits them in some way.

As a professional salesperson it is your responsibility to know your product, know your prospects, and know how to connect the two of these via persuasive communication. In other words, understand the benefits of what you are selling to the people you are selling to and then lead them to buy it from you.

Wait, I am not a salesperson.

Do you interact with the end user of your product before or at time of purchase?

Do you support the users of your product after purchase?

Are you responsible for the revenue results in your business?

Are you responsible for the revenue results in the division of the business you work in?

Do you participate in meetings with investors for your product?

Do you talk about your product with anyone outside of your office?

Are you involved in attracting team members into your business?

If you can answer yes to any of these statements, you are a salesperson. In a small business, say less than 100 employees, everyone is responsible in some way for the sales (revenue) in that business.

When this is your main role, and you work on continuous improvement in your role, you are a Professional Salesperson. And that my friends is a noble profession. Without you, these small businesses would not exist.

Many of the things and services that make our lives better today would not exist without small business and the professional salespeople who tell others about them.

Okay so now you know if you are a professional salesperson, or if you want to be one. What does it take to be a Successful Professional Salesperson? It takes sales, dah.

3 Things To Be Successful in Sales

Know your product better than anyone else. What can it do and not do, who does it serve, what problems does it solve?

Know your prospect. Who benefits in some way from this product and how do they benefit from your product over the competition? There is always competition.

Learn how to be persuasive in a way that helps them to buy.|

These 3 things are equally important. When you do not develop all three areas you take away from the quality of all of them.

1 + 1 + 1 = 9

3 + 0 + 0 = 1

If you have the very best product in your industry and you try to sell it to prospects who have no need for it, it devalues your product and your knowledge of that product.