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Hitting the Wall

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

My Wall

Somewhere between 30 and 50 years old I took a deep breath and I realized that each year seemed to be repeat of the last year. No matter how determined I was that ‘this year would be different’, no matter how many goals or resolutions I set, I quickly found myself with the same habits and similar results - year after year.

Some years the revenue numbers would move a bit, or a new program launch would go really well, but most of the time I’d find myself in pretty much the same place on December 31 that I was 12 months earlier. A year older, and not really a year wiser.

My Breakthrough

My breakthrough, 15 years in the making, started only a couple of years ago. I realized that I was spending most of my time worrying. I would dream big dreams and then doubt them, make progress and be upset that it wasn’t bigger, experience growth that was overshadowed by the stress that came from always striving for more. (Does any of this sound familiar?)

Stressing and striving had become a habit. A habit that actually slowed my personal and professional growth.

This my friends is the proverbial Hit-The-Wall-Stage. I needed to experience the joy that comes with growth. And it sucked!

My Plan

You did not go into business to feel like this. You could have done that for any bad manager. 2021 is the time for you to experience the freedom of being a business owner. My plan is to build on what I have been doing for the past couple of years, and I want to share it with you

  • Dream without restriction

  • Appreciate without regret

  • Growth without striving

It is too easy to fall into the habits you have had year after year.

Here are 3 steps toward creating your own breakthrough:

  1. EXPLORE Find things you enjoy. We all want freedom, yet often we don’t even know what we want. Try something new outside of your business at least once a month

  2. CELEBRATE There are wins in your business, even in the toughest times. Recognize them, acknowledge them, and celebrate them! Tell others, take time to feel the feels that come with accomplishment.

  3. FOLLOW YOUR HEART This may seem a bit soft coming from a by-the-numbers business coach, but it is true. For long term success it is absolutely essential that your business gives you the quality of life you want Not every client is your client, not every opportunity is meant to be a permanent part of your organization and you are not meant to do everything yourself. Refer, eliminate, and delegate.

2020 was a stark reminder that life is short, unpredictable, and often out of our control. Take control of your business and let it work for you.

Bonus tip: PROTECT YOUR ENERGY Be aware of who you want in your inner circle, who gives you energy, and who drains you of energy. Remember that client, team member, or acquaintance who zaps your energy will be much happier when connected with the people they align with.

Bonus opportunity: Find Your Team of People, People who support you, guide you, push you and understand you. All of this is available as a member of a Business Breakthrough Team Learn more today

Creating your Energy Access Map. Discovering what behaviors and personalities bring you energy, and which ones drain you can help you make choices that protect this valuable resource. Request your FREE Energy Access Map guide


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