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Coach Barbara
Barb Zuleger - Headshots-2115.jpg

As a business owner and serial entrepreneur, Barbara has started businesses from scratch, she’s been a franchisee, purchased existing businesses, successfully and some not so successful. Running multiple businesses over 30 years, working with her husband and with teams, and going it alone.


Why does her experience matter? Wherever you are in your business she has seen it. The most important thing a great coach can do for you is to help you get clarity around what is really going on in your business. What opportunities and challenges are you likely to see coming at you and how can you prepare for them?


Barbara has poured her experience and training into a coaching system full of tools that make sense in the real world.


She is determined to help more business owners create the breakthroughs in their business  to build a business that is sustainable, leveraged and profitable and that they can support the quality of life each business owner desires.

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