That's A Great Idea !!

Ever have a great idea? You know that flash of brilliance that shines so bright you are sure everyone can see that bright light bulb above your head. You wonder why no one has thought of this great thing before.

What do you do with that idea? Do you jump right in and get it done? Work it until you can see the result of that great idea fully developed? Doesn’t it feel great to have processed your idea and worked it all the way through to life?

If you are experiencing that great feeling of completion frequently, and living amazing results for your bright ideas, save yourself 5 minutes, you may not need this blog.

This is for the 97% who have great ideas that we do not see through to fruition.


You are a creator. You are energy You are a problem solver. There is an energy that comes from deep within that when breathed into an idea helps it to take on a life of its own. That is my definition of an entrepreneur.

These great ideas may come to you one at a time, or in waves. They may find you in the shower, on a walk, in the middle of the night, or at the break of dawn. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of a great conversation with friends, other times during conversations with the voices in your head.

Ideas are seldom the challenge. Inspiration can hit anywhere, anytime with that momentary flash of ‘ooohhh, this needs to happen.’

Finding ideas are not the problem. Implementation is.

PROVE IT Like many entrepreneurs, you are an idea factory. You have a list of ideas waiting to be implemented. So many, that at times it can be overwhelming. Which idea is the one to be worked on today? Will it work? Does it matter? How do I choose?

“I will just leave this idea here and see if it grows wings.”

An idea cannot by itself, prove whether it is worthy of the investment of energy required to take it into reality.

Ideas must be worked to be validated

There is a time for patience and introspection, and a time to flush out the reality of whether this should be done. Now if the time to prove that idea is worth the work. Here’s how you can start to work through your idea.

  1. What is the best thing that could come from this idea?

  2. What if I try and it doesn’t reach the level I want it to?

  3. Who will this impact?

  4. Does it fit with my bigger plans?

  5. Does it fit my brand?

  6. Do I have enough information to answer these questions?