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Is Your Business Ready for 2020.5? Happy New Year!

In a few short months, everything we considered normal changed. From worldwide pandemic, presidential impeachment, national protests for racial justice, riots, de-funding police, lock downs, cancelled events, locust swarms and murder hornets; every area of our lives has been impacted by something unexpected in 2020. Add to these events all the emotions that come with them, fear, frustration, overwhelm, anger, boredom, exhaustion, hopelessness, helplessness. Does anything you do even matter anymore?

The negative can quickly overshadow all the positive we have witnessed, like generosity, connection, caring, creativity, passion, and bravery. So many experiences, so many emotions and it is only July!!

Can your business still have an impact in this world of chaos?

Can we as individuals change any of this?

As a business builder and leader, you have a unique opportunity to impact the world around you, and a responsibility to do what you can in your own little corner of the world to create a better world for all.

If this seems overwhelming, you’re in good company. But entrepreneurs are creators, leaders, doers, and change-artists. In this time of no-business-as-usual we have been given a special opportunity to shape the future. In this time of global chaos, we have a responsibility to do just that. Make a difference.


So let’s start our New Year right now.

You can celebrate a new year, a fresh start, at any time you choose. How about Monday, July 27 th or the third Tuesday in September? How about right now? IT IS UP TO YOU!

Now is the time to take a new look at your business and how it functions in the world today. What works? What needs to change? The change may come from what is going on in the marketplace, or it may come from deep within the leadership team. Growth is essential in business and growth means change. This is not about sudden, massive shifts, but small directed pivots day after day that impact your life and the lives of those around you. The bottom line is you have to Do Something Differently!

Let’s get started!

5 Questions for Finding Your Next Step in Business

The impact each of us has on what happens next is much more than what we can see. Consider the Butterfly Effect: A small change can make much bigger changes happen; one small incident can have a big impact on your future and the future of those around you. This is an opportunity for you to make an impact.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself as you re-focus on what you can influence for this new year, 2020.5. Consider these questions one at a time. Dig deep into what you want right now for yourself, your family, your business, and your world.

1. Why this business?

What got you interested in being a business owner or leader? Why this business, this industry? Why did you launch when you did?

Is this business providing you with the quality of life you want?

Look deep inside for your original passion; is still there? Has it changed? How could that impact the direction you go from here?

2. What excites you so much about what you do that you wake up at 4:00 am, or stay up until 4:00 am, because you cannot wait to dig in it?

Running a business is not the same as doing what you love to do. Consider the hair stylist who loves their clients but struggles to focus on the business. The chef who loves creating in the kitchen, not in the office.

Reality is that when you are running a small business you wear multiple hats. What is it that you love about having a business?

3. What is your super-power?

What comes so naturally to you that your body knows it better than your brain does? You have one, maybe many, superpowers; we all do. Yours may be the thing that led you to this business. It is often something you overlook because it JUST IS. That thing that you would forget to tell someone when describing what you do because you assume it is common sense and everyone can do it. They cannot.

4. What Is your most recent B.F.O. (Blinding Flash of the Obvious)? What did you realize, or see, in a different light recently?

This is that nudge that says, hey this makes sense. It may be a new idea, or it may be an idea has a new meaning to you today. What is that B.F.O. and how does it fit into your business model today?

5. Imagine you have your dream team in place and thousands of dollars to invest in your business; what would you do with it?

Does this sound familiar? I will make the changes I need when I…? I will try that new initiative when I…? We tend to blame other circumstances for our lack of doing what our business really needs. Yet, what stops great ideas from becoming great businesses is not the bank account, or the lack of team talent, or the economy, it is the brain of the leader. As humans, (and I assume you are a human), we are designed with an internal protection system to keep us from danger. Our mind, brain, body, can read change as unknown and therefore danger. In actuality, you can do whatever you need to, you just have to take that first, brave step.

Re-Focus on Your Future

Remember 6 months ago when all you wanted was a little bit of time to reevaluate and see if you were on the right path for the next chapter? Well this is that opportunity, do not waste it. Now is the time to look at what is working for you and what is not. Time to stop wandering, get re-focused, do something new, and find an intentional direction for your business and your life. With this self-declared new year, you get a fresh start! You have so many options.

  • You may choose to continue the same path you have been on, that’s a win, now do it.

  • You may find you need to make a 3% pivot in a new direction and start implementation, that’s a win, now do it.

  • You may find you are ready for a full 90% shift, something new and different, that’s a win, now do it.

They key word here is YOU. It is up to you to determine the direction for your business. Take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh idea, a new direction, or a re-commitment to your passion.

You don’t have to go it alone. Those voices inside of your head are not the same as having a mentor, coach, or team to talk through the ideas until they become a plan in reality. I am prepared to start those next steps with you.

STEP ONE: Contact me at and schedule a complimentary strategy session today. Let’s talk about what’s working and what needs to change as you and your business get a fresh start.

You can learn more about Performance Partners Coaching at


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