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This Mastermind is Your - Business Breakthrough Team

A Breakthrough Team will help you go from Overwhelmed and Alone, to Engaged and Connected using the F.O.C.U.S. System, designed especially for business leaders.
For a Breakthrough in Your Business_

For a Breakthrough in Your Business_

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"It has been a crazy year. Massive business growth, adding another business, and a family move. This team has helped me stay focused on the

reality of the successes and the challenges."   D Grundeen

Our Signature FOCUS System

The FOCUS System is designed to support you as you build your dream business. 

FUN    Open, honest connections and connversation 

OPPORTUNITY   Be prepared for you next breakthrough

COMMUNITY   A team of entreprenurs you can rely on

UNIQUE    Your business is different, because your dream is uniquely yours

STRATEGY   Define your next step

What are Business Breakthrough Teams?

Business Breakthrough Teams are designed to support entrepreneurs ready to create a breakthrough in their business.  Monthly meetings with a team of women entrepreneursare facilitated by an experienced Master Coach. A private online platform for deep, ongoing conversations builds trust and connection essential to any strong team.  

All members are expected to participate fully each month.

What kind of business owners are on Business Breakthrough Teams?

Each Business Breakthrough Teams is carefully curated with YOU in mind. You will meet trusted partners who are successful, focused and ready for their next step. People who are prepared to openly share their expertise and learn from your experience.

Why are Business Breakthrough Teams so powerful?

Great businesses aren't built in isolation.  These teams of business leaders partner for connection, conversation, sharing best practices, support, advice, and accountability.

"Client care, team building, multiple businesses plus family needs,  feels like I need to be superwoman. This team helps me straighten my act so the cape still fits." R Bell

What's the investment to join a Business Breakthrough Team?

Business Breakthrough Teams meetings are online monthly and are facilitated by an experienced Master Business Coach. These monthly meetings with a consistent team of business owners and leaders will spark shared experiences and expertise.

The investment for this 6-months is $2400. A monthly payment plan is available 

Including facilitated zoom meetings, membership in a private online community offering ongoing, confidential conversations with your team, larger group events throughout the year.

Who leads the Business Breakthrough Team?

A trained facilitators leads each team meeting. They keep the conversation moving following a format proven to help every member continue progressing toward their next Business Breakthrough. Your facilitator will handle any logistical concerns for the meeting, and support the guidelines of conduct all members of the team commit to. 

I'm Interested, What's my next step?

Simple complete this short application to be placed in the right Business Breakthrough Team for you. New teams start about every other month and some current teams may have open seats available as well.  An application is required to ensure we put together teams that can support every member.

Still not sure if this is for you?

Give it a try!  Join us as our guest in a Sampler Business Breakthrough Team meeting.

You'll get a feel for how they flow and the types of business owners on the team. We can't wait to show you how your Business Breakthrough Team can help you bust through to a new level of success in your business!

"After 10 years in business, I have had a mindset shift this year.  A shift from

“what happens if it doesn’t work” to “it’s going to work and we’ll figure it out along the way."  Grateful for this team's support and guidance."  Jenn Urban 

  Maximize Your Success with the Right Partners

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