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Fabulous February

Get excited for the month ahead and all the possibilities it holds.

February 2021 is only here for 28 days. Fill it full of things you choose.

The first of the month is a magical day, but only if you make it one. Today is a great time to review your wishes, dreams, goals, and really far out there hopes list and choose how you will spend the next 40,320 minutes of your life.

I chose joy, energy, challenges, relaxation, learning, growth, success, and love.

During the next 28 days I will set my Reticular Activating System (RAS) for things that move me closer to a few of my big dreams. I will watch for opportunities to move closer to them one step at a time.

As I review my 100 wishes, dreams goals, and far out there hopes, those that jump out for this month’s reminders are:

  • Spend more time with people I admire.

  • Support women to improve their quality of life.

  • Be Debt Free.

  • Live a long and health life

These are in no particular order or priority and they are not traditional STRONG goals. They are a way of life that I want to move toward. This may mean volunteer, write, meet new people, find ways to live healthier, watching my expenses, and my opportunities for income growth. My RAS will help me find opportunities to move me in the right direction in the next 4 weeks, 28 days, 672 hours, 40,320 minutes.

Dream without Restriction, Appreciate without Regret, Grow without Strife


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