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Are You Ready For a Business Coach?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, myself included in my pre-coaching days, it is hard to imagine how working with a coach could make a difference in your business.

.After all, you know your business challenges and opportunities better than anyone. If you are looking for a stronger business, what working with a coach can bring to the process is simple and essential: clarity, an outside perspective, and tools that work.

When my husband and I first hired a coach for our business in 2004, we had no idea what to expect or if it would help. We just knew we had done all we could with what we knew, and we needed help.

The things I took away from that first experience working with a coach were

  1. I didn't know what I didn't know

  2. Change is essential to growth

  3. You cannot make more money with volume when you are not charging enough to start with.

  4. Not everyone is the right coach for every business

  5. Every business can benefit from working with the right coach for them.

The more you know about what is possible with a coach, the easier it may be for you to find one who is the right fit for you.

Keep reading for an article from a few years ago about choosing a business coach. I did not write this, it's not more marketing, it is good information that speaks to those who are ready to get serious about creating their own business breakthrough.

If you have questions you can schedule time to chat at Coffee with Barbara.

What is a Business Coach
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