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NOW is Your Time To Thrive

30 Days to Clarity & Focus

As a trail-blazing, business builder, you are strong, hardworking, decisive, a bit of a dreamer and maybe a bit impatient.

Waiting for life to 'get back to normal'  is just not your style.

You are ready to create the new normal for your business and your community.  

In the next 30-days we will do that together

Bonuses for the June 18, 2020 start group only 
  1. Small group of like-minded decision makers
  2. 30-Day head start on clarity
  3. Full coaching access for 30-Days

The past few months have impacted everyone. Including you and your business. 

Some businesses have seen a partial or complete shutdown, some are crazy busy, all are experiencing change. As we look toward the future, including continued chaos in many areas of our world, your business will continue to change at an unrivaled rate.

What if I told you that you CAN, no you MUST, take action to put your business on the path to amazing success regardless of what is going on around you?

Where you, your business, your community are at in 1-year, 6-months, 90-days is dependent on what you do in the next 30-days. 

30-Days to Clarity and Focus is designed specifically for this time of uncertainty and chaos. 

This boot camp style program is not for everyone. It is for those business builders ready to create their plan of attack for the next 30-days to impact the next phase in their business.  This is for leaders who want clarity in their plan and focus in their day.  A renewed confidence in their ability to execute the plan DAILY.  Because daily success is the only way to achieve big things.

Because there is so much chaos going on around you (and us), we want to be sure you can get all the support you need to not just learn this stuff but to implement it quickly.  That is why


If you have questions about whether this is the program for you right now, please give me a call directly.  It will fill up and if it is what you need, I want to see you here.  If it is not the right fit for you right now, that is a good thing to know also, and I can help you find the support you do need today.



Pinpoint focus on where your business is at right now, where you want it to be, and what is getting the way.


Be unstoppable.  Nothing can stop you when you know where you are headed and have confidence in your direction


Create daily habits that build momentum to your ultimate destination.  

Daily Success is the only success that lasts

What is included in the 30-Days to Clarity & Focus Boot Camp

  • Over 10 hours of deep dive, directed, discovery around your specific needs so you can create your road map to a flourishing business.  

  • 3 Jam Packed mornings working together (Virtually) to build your road map

  • Clarity to Focus for a Flourishing Business complete digital workbook to help you work through all the concepts and activities

  • Connection with a small group of dedicated, like-minded business leaders, intentionally building their businesses. Including a private group to connect, ask questions, share best practices.

  • Connection and access to a team of coaches with too many years of business experience to list here, we really aren't that old, but we have been doing this a loooong time.

The result will be a clarity, road map, and plan you create to move your business the direction you want it to go, that you can follow and build from.  

This is a new program, designed for NOW, while all business owners are dealing with unexpected, unmeasured change. It is for the business owners who wants to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and design their own destiny. Value for everything we are offering here is over $2000

Because we want to get this into the hands of as many business builders as possible NOW when the need is the greatest -


If this is what your business needs, then it is what your business needs.  Cash may be tight right now; we do not want that to stop you from building your business. To make this easy decision even easier,

you can pay this in 3 payments of just $ 99 each

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