What is a Business Breakthrough and Where Can I Get One?

Business Breakthroughs. I talk about them all the time with my clients and in my marketing. Recently I read a post from a successful Marketing Coach that debunked the idea of needing a Breakdown to achieve a Breakthrough.

I agree.

A Breakdown is not an essential part of a Breakthrough, However they will often show up together if you don't have a plan.

If you want to avoid the breakdown, you have to have a plan on how you are going to achieve your desired breakthrough.

A Breakthrough requires change. If you keep doing what you have always done you will follow the same path that you have been following, what is the possibility of reaching a new destination?

For something to change first something must change

For every choice you make a change results and every change involves two components. Moving forward and letting go.

You have to let go of something to gain something new. To climb the stairs you have to leave the one you are on.

There are big changes in life and simple everyday decisions. For everything you choose you are letting go of something else.

  • Moving in with your new partner may mean deepening a really important relationship AND giving up personal space

  • Having a new baby in the family means lots of loving snuggles AND less sleep

  • Adding a team member means creating room for growth AND entrusting a part of your business to someone else

  • Starting a new workout routine to be healthy and strong AND feeling pain in new places.

For something to change first something must change, did I say that already?

Every change has a give and take. Even the most exciting and rewarding changes result in letting go of something. A Breakthrough means something is new and different. You are seeing something differently, getting different results, experiencing something new. For you to have a Breakthrough, first something must change.

As you make the decision to get different results in your business, take the time to intentionally plan that next Breakthrough. What are the steps to creating a Breakthrough intentionally