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Too busy running your business, to actual build your business? Set the plan now to make 2022 your Breakthrough Year

There is so-much-more you could do with your business if you could just find the time to get it all together.  Some days you feel like an octopus on roller skates, lots of action and limited solid progress?

It's time for a better plan.

A plan that fits your business, your dreams, your life

What to expect at Your Planning Day

  • Dedicated time away from your business to build your business

  • Connections with other successful entrepreneurs

  • Clarity around the opportunities and challenges in front of you

  • STRONG Goals for 2022 

  • A system to create your next business breakthrough

  • A plan that fits your business, your life, and your dreams

  • A new way to Unlock the Power of Daily Success in Your Business

Thursday, Dec 9, 2021
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Brew House @ Schmidt Artist Lofts 
900 7th Street W, St Paul, Minnesota

I appreciated the people who were "in the room." It felt good to experience this together and realize I'm not alone. We hear that all of the time, you are not alone, but to actually hear other business women struggling with the same things I am was really great (not that we're all struggling but that we're not so different).

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The building blocks of business and the checklists for each area, I spent time after the session going through these and it really helped clarify the areas I need to work on and helped me get specific.  

No matter how long you have been in business, and other planning that you have done, it is always good to review and plan for the year, and you will learn or pick up on something different every time, as you are looking for or ready for something different every time. 

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    Thoughts from 2021 Attendees    
Got Questions - Need More Information? 

*COVID: You know the drill:  Vaccinations encouraged  | Masks optional | if you are sick day of stay home


You will be doing work together at tables, spaced as much as we can with this in mind   

If you are not comfortable joining us in person, get on the list for our Virtual Planning Day in January same content, just virtual.

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