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5 Ways to Impact Your Post-CoVid-19 World

CoVid-19: When this is all over, who will you be?

Will you be smarter, kinder, softer, harder?

You will be different in the year ahead. You have changed, your business has changed, the world has changed. You do get a say in how that change happens and where it takes you.

Will you blame others for the new normal you land in, or will you be proud of the new normal you created for you?

The pain of CoVid-19 is real and deep. Many people are seriously ill, many more have lost loved ones. And most have seen their lively hood and or family changed forever. These changes are from outside influence. The actions that create them were not directly chosen by the individuals impacted by them. No one asked for this illness, no one asked for the financial setbacks that have come with it. Yet the ripple effect from them is far reaching.

There are things in life that we are not in our direct control. This is the current reality.

We have been gifted a hard re-boot. Not pretty, not soft, but a reset non the less. It shows in wildlife, in our oceans and on our shores, we are seeing a slightly cleaner, quieter world. Look at the air quality in China and the canals of Venice. Even Brazil’s endangered sea turtles are benefiting from less human interaction. While it is true that other animals may have negative impact from a drop in conservation work that supports endangered species, that too is a choice of people.

When we choose to live above the line, we make a commitment to take Ownership over what we can influence, be Accountable for the results we get, and Responsible for the choices and actions we take or those we choose not to take.

This does not negate the involvement of others, or the things that are out of our control. It simply puts the choice in our hands for how we react and the way this impacts us.

So how are you using this reset to prepare your personal world for what is next in your life?

When we talk about how we are different post this pandemic, how will you measure the things you can control? The choices you make.

You choose how you will react to the news, how you communicate and the language you use. It is still your responsibility to choose how to spend your time and use your resources. You alone are accountable for how you treat yourself and others. These things are always within your control.

Will you be smarter, more well read, more creative, more artistic? Are you being intentional about what you are feeding your brain, your mind, your heart, and your soul?

Will you be kinder, more understanding of the situations of others that are different than yours? More supportive of others, more in tune with what they may be experiencing?

Will you be well rested, well fed, in better physical shape?

Will your space be more organized and less clutter?, will it be more beautiful to your eye and your soul?

5 Ways to Impact Your Post-CoVid-19 World

Rest more

Most of us have spent the past few years running like crazy. Always trying to do more, be more. More professionally, more for fun, more for our families. More, more, more.

During this essential slowdown, be intentional about letting go of the need to be constantly striving. Learn how to appreciate having less to get done, embrace a bit of boredom, and allow your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul to rest.


While you are resting, try meditation, journal, yoga, simply time to contemplate and wonder. Not solve the worlds problems, or even your own, just wonder what if.

Continuing with the refuel topic. How about true refueling, what have you eaten today, this week? What have you cooked? Have you broken the fast food habit or the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse for snacking? Take the time to enjoy some fresh fruit or a salad, enjoy the process of cooking healthy food.


What recharges your soul, your energy? Is it reading a good book, not a how to book, but a who did-it, or how-did-they-do-it book. Novels, mysteries, biographies, historical stories, poetry, silly stories, or serious ones. What takes you away from the world right in front of you and transforms you to a different world. Guaranteed, you will return to your true world with a fresh outlook on life.

Movies can also do this for you also. Old movies or new releases. Look for that make you feel good, make you feel something.

Recharge by learning something new. Try something creative, something hard, something mindless. Just try something new. Painting, ceramics, sketching, writing, learn a new language or a new software, try sewing or baking. Start a garden, build something out of wood. So many options and most of them are free, or almost free. Even though the schools and libraries are closed, keep learning.


Exercise, move, stretch. Get back in touch with your body. This can be an intense program online that keeps moving. Or it can be a gently walk with the sunrise each day. If you are lucky enough to have your own personal playground in the backyard go swing, dig in the sandbox. Just keep moving and take your body to a new level of energy that you may have been missing lately..

Be consistent with this. Build a new habit that will serve you well into the new normal world. What energizes you? This is a personal choice to be made only by you.


Even in this time of social distancing, we have so many options to reconnect with others. Phone calls, remember them? Going even further back, how about a card or a note that you send in the mail. They do still deliver personal mail not just stuff you ordered online.

With so much noise from the virtual options of meetings, classes, happy-hours, coffee breaks, all on-line, choose wisely. Your time is still your time. In-fact you have much more control over it being your time now than you have for years.

Be intentional about who you are connecting with. Family, friends, business associates, neighbors and even those people who live in your own home.


It is our choice, our responsibility, to be kind to our-self and to others. To rest and recharge. Each of us can choose to spend time in prayer, meditation, more time in quiet contemplation or to continue the crazy pace many have been on for far too long.

What truly serves you and the quality of life you desire? Self-care is not selfish, it is essential.

Who you are in 3 months, 6 months, 5 years will be a direct reflection of what you do, who you spend time with, how you care for yourself and others today. Use this reboot to adjust your sails even just 2%. Shift, pivot, whatever you want to call it. Think about all those times you have thought when-I-have-time-I-will. I know there are things to be done. Stress of the unknown can make us feel like we must run even faster. Stop, determine your direction first. Then you can make the choices that will help you to be the person you want to be in the new normal.


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