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5 Things Your Business Needs to Succeed

Even during a worldwide pandemic

Are you using this time of worldwide pandemic to build your dream or to abandon it?

Ten Great Companies who started in less than the best of times.

  1. IBM 1876-1896 The Long Depression

  2. General Motors Panic of 1907

  3. Hewlett-Packard 1939 Recession, Wake of WWII

  4. Burger King, 1953 Recession

  5. FedEx 1973 Oil Crisis

  6. Microsoft 1975 Oil Embargo

  7. CNN 1980 Recession

  8. MailChimp 2001 Dot Com Recession

  9. Apple, 2001 Dot Com Recession

  10. Uber and Airbnb 2009 Recession

Most have heard this kind of thing before, and this list could be a lot longer.

Reality is what reality is. Businesses are closed, people are sick and loved ones have died. This shit is real, and it is impacting everyone in the world in some way. The point is not to dismiss or ignore the wake of pain that is being felt around the world.

The purpose is, to help you see the way through this.

What if you could do one thing, just one small thing today, that would have a positive impact on those around you, even during a pandemic?

Well you can. And it may not be what you are hearing in the media. Your 1 thing. may be to build your business. Yup, now, with chaos all around you.

Building a strong business that will withstand the mess, get through the chaos and impact others may be exactly what your calling is.

How Can Your Build a Flourishing Business Even In the Middle of a Pandemic?

Focus, Focus, Focus. and be too damn stubborn to quit!

5 Skills Required for Success in Your Business in Today

  1. Clarity

  2. Flexibility

  3. Passion

  4. Patience

  5. A Daily Plan

These are SKILLS, because you can learn every one of them. And each time the chaos hits, you may need to re-learn them a little bit. These skills are not rocket science, and they are not easy to implement, which is why most business builders today are not doing these things consistently.

1. Clarity - If you don't know where you are going you will not get there.

90-days ago, you may have had a plan for the year, even the decade. The world is a different place today, how you do work is different, what your team needs, what your customers want from you, and how you can deliver that has changed.

Now is the time to take a fresh look at what you are doing in your business, the results you are getting, and if this is what you want to be doing for the next 5+ years.

2. Flexibility - This has been forced upon everyone in the past 60-days. Entrepreneurs can be a stubborn group. We know how we want to do things and we will often stick with our way long after it stops serving us. Embrace the changes coming your way. Use this as an opportunity to pivot, even 3% from your intended path. There are opportunities out there that have not existed in your lifetime.

3. Passion - Why do you do what you do? Yes, you have answered this before, but is it still true for you? If your business is not, and will not, provide the quality of life you desire than now is a perfect time to make a shift. That may mean a do-over, it may mean a 2% pivot.

4. Patience - Many entrepreneurs see this as a dirty word, others embrace it far too much. When you think about your big picture plans, are you giving your business time to grow up, are you holding it back?

As a parent we would not expect our 2-year old to have a job cutting grass, nor would we want our 16-year old unable to tie their own shoes. Knowing what to expect when in your business allows the chance to be a step ahead of the changes that will come your way

1-year goals should take approximately 1-year to accomplish, if not, they are not big enough. Be patience with the processes, with the marketing, with the team. Measure the results you are getting along the way and don't sabotage yourself by taking a leap you have not prepared for, or dumping an idea that needs time to offer a return.

5. Daily Plan for Success - No business becomes successful without daily success. It's like trying to make a pot of coffee without putting the water in. Regardless of how great the grounds are you are never going to get a cup of hot, delicious coffee.

Do you know what you are going to do tomorrow or next Thursday? Success happens in what you do each day. This is not about your appointments or meetings, it is not about building your product or what service you are offering next week. it is about KNOWING each day when you get up what you are planning to get done IN your business that day to move the needle forward just a little bit.

As a business builder you are likely juggling too many things. You have probably gotten pretty good at the juggling, you may even enjoy it. If you want to be a successful juggler, well congratulations, you have arrived.

If you want a successful business, you have to learn to be a business builder, even during a pandemic.

Join us for our 5-Day Challenge, 5 Days to Focus. Together we will gain focus and clarity in our businesses and get back on the path to intentional success on step at a time. All the information for this challenge is on our Facebook page, No charge, just a commitment, not doing something could be very expensive.


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