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Magical March

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Get excited for the month ahead and all the possibilities it holds.

March brings the start of a season of new beginnings!

The first of the month is a magical day, but only if you make it one. Today is a great time to review your wishes, dreams, goals, and really far out there hopes list and choose how you will spend the next 44,640 minutes of your life.

Coming into the spring after a full year of uncertainty, limited growth and loss, more than ever this is the time for a new beginning.

3-Things to Consider for March

  1. What can you do that will help you feel refreshed, renewed, and reborn? Do It!

  2. While you’re renewing your focus, consider how you can be a part of something bigger. How can you solve a bigger problem, serve a bigger need, build a bigger business? Do It!

  3. What is the next step, just the next step to move toward this renewal for yourself? Do It!


How did you do with your Fabulous February? I am excited to say that I made progress on all 4 of my areas of focus for February.

  • Spend more time with people I admire.

  • Support women to improve their quality of life.

  • Be Debt Free.

  • Live a long and health life

It is exciting to hear about what you are doing to improve yourself and your life in just one month.

The magic of the first of the month is only magical if you allow it to be.

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