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International Women's Day

Does International Woman’s Day matter?

It is a time to celebrate role models, all those who found their place to make a difference big and small. To share the stories that otherwise may be lost. But it is much more than this.

From my privileged perspective every day is Woman's Day. I have the honor of working with thousands of positive, smart, caring, persistent, successful women. I am blessed with sisters, friends, and daughters who could run the world.

Why is it so important to have a day that celebrates 49.55% of the people on this earth?

Because these people, these women, are too often, not seen nor heard. Not protected by tradition, culture, or law. Not given equal access to education, healthcare, wealth, opportunities or even basic life necessities. All over the world there are women right now risking their lives for others, nurturing the next generation of leaders while honoring past leaders. They are leaders in their families, communities, and countries. Both in the United States and beyond, they do all of this with less.

This is also a reminder to look around us at all that needs to be done.

That there are still debates even in this country about whether women deserve access to equal protection, equal pay, equal opportunity is a stark reminder of what is missed by the whole world when half of our people are limited in who they can be and what they can do.

This is not a day about softness and pretty flowers, although you’re welcome, we bring that too. It is a day of strength, determination, grit, and unity that our world needs right now and for the future.

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