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Performance Partners Community is designed to  Support Owners and Leaders of Family Owned Businesses

Membership is free, as is the create content and support you will receive. Offers and information will be updated and changed regularly always with the intent of bring you relevant, helpful information as you continue to improve your quality of life through business growth that is Sustainable, Leveraged and Profitable.

We will add a bit more background and about us to this page as we go, however right now the biggest purpose is to get you information right now that can help you right now.

While the chaos around Coronavirus has spurred us to launch this group, the information here has been developed over 50 years of joint experience in the entrepreneurial world.  Your business experts have been employees of small business, started businesses, been franchisees, purchased existing businesses, closed businesses and worked with 1000's of leaders in business in a coaching, consulting, training role.

We know a lot and we are the first to admit we do not know it all. You will meet experts via this community regularly. Experts you can help all of us continue the ride of business ownership.

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