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    "Great strategies to help growth of entrepreneurs in a setting with fellow business owners"

     "A chance to look at your business, but more importantly yourself, from the outside, and receive coaching on how to blaze forward toward your goals"

     "Motivating, educational, a must in the learning process of being able to build good teams"


Are you ready for 2018?  Some businesses with soar this year, others will not.  How about yours?

Not everyone is ready to do their annual planning in December, that is why we offer a January date as well. Same Workshop - Same Strong Planning Process -  New Location - New Entrepreneurs for you to connect with.

Date: Friday January 12, 2018                    REGISTER NOW AT          2018 ANNUAL PLANNING DAY

Time  8:30 am - 12:30 pm                           Location:  Performance Partners Coaching Training Center   12 Bridge Square #202  Anoka MN

Join Performance Partners Coaching for our 7th Annual Strategic Planning Day  Take #2

  What does the new year hold in store for you and your business?  What if you could choose that? You can, and you must.  Set aside December 7 NOW and get everything ready for your best year ever in 2018

More information on this full day event, and to reserve your space go to   2018 ANNUAL PLANNING DAY

Strategic Planning is how you turn those hopes and dreams into Results.

Using the Unlock the Power of Daily Success Planning system that has been proven to help more people actually reach their goals every year.

What to expect during our day together

  • SUPPORT  -  Working with other entrepreneurs who have been where you are, You Are Not Alone!

  • ANSWERS -  Do you know WHAT you want from your business but are not sure how to get there? Together we will break down the HOW's to get to the WHAT;s

  • EDUCATION -   Don't know what you don't know? Part of our day will be spend learning more about what is going on today in the business world and how to use it to your advantage

  • FUN  -  Ever feel like you are trying to slay the dragon on your own? Working with others makes it all more FUN

  • A PLAN - This is not a 'in theory' planning session. You will leave with your plan in place for 2018 and your action steps on your calendar