Recruiting and Hiring

“ Great vision without great people is irrelevant ” - Jim Collins

Recruiting and Hiring Great Employees

In order for your business to really take off, you need great employees. Of course, that’s easier said than done! Recruiting quality employees is a skill that will pay dividends far into the future. At Performance Partners, we are well versed in the art of recruiting great people.

How To Recruit Great Employees

Employee recruitment and retention is a huge challenge for small-business owners. Many entrepreneurs fail to create and stick to a defined hiring process. This is a mistake. Without a clear road map for recruiting and hiring, your efforts will be hit or miss at best, and ineffective at worst. You need a plan.

Hire The Right Employee

If you hire the wrong employee, you risk creating a negative environment for your existing employees. Plus, training is time consuming and expensive. Instead, focus your energy on hiring the right employee for the position. When you get someone who is a great fit for the position and your company culture, you’ll enjoy increased productivity, better employment relationships, and a generally positive vibe in the office.

Create a Process for Recruiting and Hiring Employees

When you work with our business coaches, together we will devise a set of procedures so that you can attract, hire, and retain great talent. Some of the elements of a recruitment and hiring plan include:

Develop The Job Description: What is the exact position that you need filled? What skills will the new hire need for this position? Who will they report to?

Choose The Interviewers: Are you alone going to be interviewing candidates, or will you have a panel interview process?

Decide-Internal Or External Hire? You may have a qualified candidate for the position within your organization already. If not, you’ll need to advertising the opportunity.

Screen Candidates: As you sort through resumes, you’ll want to look for candidates who might be a good fit. Oftentimes, a telephone interview with these candidates is a good first step.

Hold Interviews: There is an art to interviewing recruits. Make sure you are clear on how you feel the candidates will fit into your company’s culture and knowledge base of your industry.

Select The New Employee: Once you’ve found the best candidate for the job, it’s time to perform reference and background checks. Of course, if there aren’t any suitable candidates, you should start the process again.

If you’re about to dive into the recruiting and hiring process, get in touch with Performance Partners. Our coaching systems will help you streamline the process so that it’s easy, repeatable, and gets you great results. Call us today!

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