Is it just me or is running a business lonely? Yes that’s normal.

Entrepreneurs have big dreams and big ideas. With so much on your mind it is easy to get stuck sometimes. Whether everything is going well or there are some challenges, it can be tough to find someone with an outside point of view to talk with.

I do what I do because I needed me many years ago and I did not know where to turn, in fact sometimes I did not even know what the questions were. I just knew I needed someone to talk to. Not my spouse, not my non-entrepreneurial friends and family. Someone who could help me focus on the goal.

Here are some of the most frequently asked, and some unique, questions that I am asked by entrepreneurs along with some short answers. Remember the real answer is rarely short.

  1. I am making money, so where is it?
    1. You spent it, now let’s find out where
  2. How do I manage the growth?
    1. With long term and short term detailed business planning
  3. The competition is doing ____ should I?
    1. Run YOUR business.
  4. Am I ready to hire?
    1. If you are at 70% capacity then yes you need to hire
  5. What marketing works?
    1. None of it unless you work it. Stay focused and clear on your offers
  6. How can I have a stronger team?
    1. Be a better leader
  7. Should I offer a discount to get customers?
    1. Yes if you have enough gross profit in your margin.
    2. No if you cannot handle more work without hiring
  8. Does Business Coaching work?
    1. It works for those who are willing to do things differently.
  9. How big can my business grow?
    1. How big can you dream?
  10. I like my business small is that okay?
    1. Yes, if it gives you the quality of life you want.
  11. Why is hiring so difficult?
    1. Finding the right person starts with being the right business
  12. How many products should I offer?
    1. How many can you do really well, how many of those do your clients need?
  13. Why do my clients leave?
    1.  They do not believe you care

What is your question? I guarantee you, yes that’s normal.

Schedule your free 30 minute strategy session today and ask your question. If I do not have the answer I will help you find someone who does.