Looking for different results? To make a change, First Something Must Change

First something must change

Sounds obvious right? Yet often we continue doing what we have always done and hope for different results. The definition of insanity right!

This time of year plans are made, goals set, and hopes renewed for different results. For something to change, first something must change.

Being busy every day, creates a routine, a pattern. The bigger the change you want to make, the bigger pattern break you need to create. Make a decision to create the change, setting a strong goal is a great place to start. Setting a goal is not the same as achieving it.

As you take the time in the next month to set your goals for 2016, really take the time. To reach new heights in your life professional or personally a paradigm shift is required and this takes time. Some steps to give yourself the best chance to create the change

  1. Set NEW goals, do not recycle the old ones
  2. Schedule a full day away from your business to do your planning for 2016
  3. Plan with someone, either at a day long workshop, with a mastermind group, a mentor, coach, partner. Someone to brainstorm with and someone to hold you accountable to thinking big
  4. Be honest with yourself about where you are at right now and what is holding you back.
  5. HINT: the answer to #4 is most often you.
  6. DO IT, Do what you need to do to make the break through you deserve.
  7. Develop Patience and Urgency. Patience to allow these goals to unfold over the year and Urgency to get results every day

Looking for a place to start? Join us for our Annual Planning Day December 10, 2015 and Take a look at our upcoming events page and January Retreat