The Consistency of Success

 Entrepreneurs are adrenaline junkies. That is a good thing, it gets us up and moving at a pace most people do not understand. Remember that a sustainable, leveraged, profitable business runs best on systems and consistency.  

Pay attention to how you feel throughout the day. Especially when you are procrastinating   Are you waiting for adrenaline to kick in before you get moving on that project?  Work to increase the time during the week that you are calm and maybe even bored. 

Which day is it today? 

Big swings. Business owners can experience them every week. Business is going well, everyone is overworked. AND What are we doing wrong, should we continue in this business? 
Did you think it was just you? 
Every entrepreneur goes through the extremes of emotion and energy. It is in our DNA. Boring is just so boring.   The excitement of a big sale, a job well done, finding the right team member. is what keeps us going when business is tough, because it will be and probably soon. 

That is not a bad thing. Be careful of the addiction to the excitement because the strong, sustainable business is built through repetition, processes, and systems. Doing the right things right at the right time 

Boring - Success - Excitement - Chaos - Boring