Happy Dance or Big Sigh

Running a business is not easy. Sometimes it is hard ot see the excitement and fun you started your business with. Even when things are going good, no one works harder than an entrepreneur with a business to build.  Just one of the reasons 80% of businesses close in the first 5 years. Ten years out only about 3% are still running.  Hard to find something to celebrate in those statistics. There are two common traits for those who succeed.  

1.  They Stay Focused on Their Goal

2.  Persistence  (Also known as not knowing when to quit)

Not where you want to be? Few entrepreneurs are. When you hit a milestone, you already have your sights set on the next one.   Whether you have beat those odds or not, you are still in the fight. Or maybe you are moving into a new battleground. Either way, being an entrepreneur is a way of life that is not for the faint of heart.

CELEBRATE. Celebrate the life you have chosen and the progress you have made.

One of the reasons planning is so important in your business is so that you can acknowledge and appreciate the progress you are making. Every day, month, year you are in business is a win. When you have your annual goals broken down into quarterly objectives, and on your calendar as a weekly plan, you will achieve them. It may take longer than you would like it to, press on. Each year you learn so much more about yourself, your business, your customers, and what you want out of life. That by itself is something to celebrate.  

Business owners who wait for the next big whatever to appreciate their business struggle to maintain the energy needed to keep going day after day. Do not wait for someone else to say good-job, or for the one big deal to come in, the new office, the new product.  All of that is great and worthy of excitement, so is surviving one more month, one more quarter, and one more year. Set the benchmark so you can feel the win. 

Modest Minnesotans, especially women entrepreneurs, struggle to celebrate, worried they may be bragging, or arrogant.  WHO CARES!  You must celebrate, announce your wins, GO BIG or GO HOME.  Everyone prefers to work with a successful business. If you are wrapping up 2017 ready to embark on the journey that is 2018, you are successful.  TELL OTHERS  Sharing your win will help others keep going too.

Go to   www.Facebook.com/PerformancePartnersCoaching and post your win for 2017

Everyone who does will be invited to a private celebration event in January at our new offices.  Yup we are celebrating the new office!!