Make 2018 Your Year of Breakthrough

If you have ever wanted to have something different in your life, you have probably heard of SMART Goals. 

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time 

Still true today. Your goals must be clear enough that you will know when you have reached them, and that when you do reach the they will give you the results you want.

Frequently I hear from business owners “I know what my goals are, I know how to set them (I think), but I rarely reach them.’

  • Do goals really matter, especially if I never reach them?
  • What keeps me from reaching my goals?
  • How do I go beyond SMART Goals, to achieving goals?

Yes, Yes, Yes Goals Matter

They matter in your life, and in your business. Without goals you are at the mercy of the people around you, and society in general. When goals are not present people become reactive. Reacting to whatever is happening each day. An entrepreneur in reactive-mode is not building their business. They are surviving if lucky. Even if they are very lucky and reach a level of success, they do not know how they got there and when the dip comes, the dip is always right around the corner, they will have no idea how to make the necessary tweaks to adjust.

Business does not stay the same. In today’s world change happens faster than ever before. Your business must change to stay relevant. If you are not the one directing that change, who is?  Is it the change you want to see?

“Coach, business is okay, but I hate what I am doing. I did not go in to business to be the cheapest, I went in to business to be the best. Now the only customers I seem to attract are so price sensitive that I have almost give my product away.”

This is the story I hear from a business owner who has allowed customers and competition to dictate the direction of their business.

What is Keeping You from Your Goals

There are many things that can get in the way of your goals. Some of the ones I see most often are

  • Not tying goals to your quality of life
  • Make goals too big with out the activity steps in place to make them happen
  • Trying to do everything alone, your big goals should be BIG and that requires help to achieve
  • Unrealistic timeframes that make you give up
  • Not using your goals as a vibrant document hat you refer to frequently

What Can I Do Differently?

Set aside time Annually, Quarterly, Weekly to review your plan to reach your goals. 

Share your goals with others, including your team.

Set goals that matter to you, not goals that you think you should set

SMART Goals are good, STRONG goals are better

STRONG goal is one that is:
      S pecific
      T ime sensitive
      R elevant to your business and your life
     O pportunity driven
      N ew  Stop repeating things you are not getting done
      G alvanizing  Something that will shock or excite you into action

STRONG goals have a lot in common with SMART Goals. They still need to be

SPECIFIC. Specific enough that the person responsible for this goal can put a checkmark on the list that says this goal is achieved. Not kind-of, sort-of, or almost, but achieved.

TIME Sensitive means that you have a deadline to achieve this goal by. Goals build on goals and when you run behind on one the others will pile up until it is overwhelming

RELEVANT  Are you passionate about your goals. Do they help you build the business you dream of?  If not then they are a distraction.

OPPORTUNITY  This is based on the market place, your competition, your team, the economic environment.  Many things impact the opportunities that are right in front of. Pay attention. Use those opportunities when they are available. DO NOT assume they will still be there 6-12 months from now

NEW  When the same goals reappears on your list of goals repeatedly, you will stop seeing it.  If you do still need to achieve a past goal, use fresh wording, break it down as much as possible. That will give you a new approach to getting it checked off you list

GALVANIZING  What has this got to do with STRONG Goals?  Galvanizing means  Something that will shock or excite you into action.  That is a great way to look at a goal. Your goal should excite you into action. If not, is it just a distraction or does it lead to something else that will excite you into action?

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