Have Success on Your Mind? Program Your Brain to Help  

How many bits of information do you gather each day?  Hundreds, thousands?  What you see, hear, feel, smell, touch, sense, experience; all of it enters your powerful computer-like brain. Your Reticular Activating System, RAS, is an actual part of your brain that works a bit like the GPS system for all information that comes in through your senses.

As information enters our amazing brains, a decision must be made; is this bit of information important to my life today?

The conscious mind is very powerful. It can assess a situation, determine the difference between past, present, and future, make decisions and formulate a plan. Yet it has its limitations. Processing 2,000 bits of information per second, the conscious mind only handles about 2 – 4% of the stimuli that comes in to our brains each day.  

No worries, the remaining 96-98% is not lost.  In fact, it is there forever, whether we are aware of it or not. The subconscious mind handles everything else.  

Setting your RAS means you determine what is important. Your brain believes what you tell it. If you spend time thinking about things you do not want, your RAS will find things to help support those thoughts. Negative can bring on more negative. What does this have to do with Abundance? You are responsible for telling your brain what is important! You and you alone will set the program to get your conscious brain focused on what you DO want.

Thanksgiving week, a time for reflection on all the good in our lives

Pay attention to the good in your life and in your business. Take time to appreciate the abundance you are experiencing right now.  Focus on what you want and the opportunities to make achieve it will become much clearer.  

RAS and Planning

Intentional Planning is the best way to utilize your RAS.

When you have and follow

  • A 3-year strategy
  • An annual plan
  • Quarterly objectives
  • A daily plan

It will be easier to know what is important, what you need to be doing, and what is a distraction from the direction you have determined is right for you.

Do Something Different

Set aside some time in the next week to really think about what you want for your life, and how your business can help you achieve that.

This time needs to be uninterrupted, focused, and intentional.  You work hard, and you deserve to get the results you want. Make this a priority.

Once you have your plan outlined, add the details and the deadlines.

Unlock the Power of Daily Success

The most important step in planning is often missed. Post your plans so you see them every day. Know every week what you are doing to make your abundant future a reality.