A No-Regrets attitude is essential to success in business

A no-regrets attitude means do everything that needs to be done, everything that can be done, and keep doing it until you succeed or determine a different path.

You know that one thing that you will do when you really have to? That "when nothing else works I will try ___". What are you waiting for? If it is what your business needs, it is what your business needs. Having no regrets means never having to look back and wonder what if?. What If I had hired the sales person? What if I had made the cold calls?  What if I had been willing to adjust my product by 2%? What if I admitted I did not know everything about running my business?

When you live with a no-regrets attitude things may not be perfect, but you will know you have done what you could to reach the outcome you want. If you do not get exactly where you intended, you may just find yourself in a better place.

No business is a straight line and no entrepreneur decides what their business is going to look like and creates exactly that. Life happens. The changes that happen as your business grows, and your team matures, will be a stronger business, even when it looks a bit different then you thought it would. 

That can only happen when you are open to doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, for as long as it needs to be done. And then, you do the next thing with the same focus. 

Businesses succeed and businesses fail. The hardest thing to get past is when you look back over what you tried and see the opportunities that were available and not acted on.  Not everything will work and some of the things that do work, will happen in a different way than you expected.

Start with a clear picture of what you do want for your business. 
          1. Your long term vision
          2. A 3-year strategy
          3. Your annual goals

Build the action plan that will make it a reality. Identify the next steps, do not worry about all of the steps, just the ones you can see for now. Then DO IT!! One step, one quarter, one week, one day at a time. Follow your plan, ask for help, stay focused on the goal and be flexible with the path.

Should, Could, Would

No more shoulding, wishing, some-daying. Do what needs to be done. If the results are not what you expected, shift 2%, and try again. 

If it needs to be done, it is up to you as the leader in your business to show the way. No-Excuses, No-Regrets.