Keep Your Eyes Open  

You would never intentionally drive with your eyes closed.  More than dumb, or risky, it is absolutely dangerous for you, your passengers and everyone else on the road.

Going Straight-Forward

"But, I am just going ‘straight forward’."  If you have your eyes closed behind the wheel of your vehicle do you know if you are going straight?  Every road has curves, stop signs, stop lights, other drivers (are they awake?) are all things that make it essential to be paying full attention to what is going on around.

The same is true in your business

Driving your business is a lot like driving a car.  You must stay alert, focused, and in control at all times.  Many business owners are driving 100 miles an hour with their eyes closed.   Unaware of their numbers, their team’s commitment, their client’s satisfaction, their place in the market, what their competition is doing right or wrong.  All are critical to making the right decisions and turns as you build your business.   

Stay Awake

You are familiar with the tools and instruments that you use every day in your vehicle, here are some of the instruments of navigation required for a safer trip from startup to success in business.  How long you stay on the road depends on how well you use these tools.


Your Vehicle            Your Business

Odometer                                                       Balance sheet, customer loyalty, business growth
Records how far you have gone 

Speedometer                                                  Monthly P & L, Market Share
Measures how fast you are moving

Transmission                                                   Weekly Action Steps
Dictates your direction, forward or backward, pulling a load in overdrive

Windshield                                                      Planning
Protection from the unexpected and gives you a great view of where you are headed

Radio, Heater, A/C                                                                  Business Culture
You choose the environment in your car and your business every day.

    Traffic Signs                                                     Values
    Defines the rules, what is acceptable and what is not, where is the out of bounds

     Other Traffic                                                   Your Competition, Clients, Potential Clients
     Others impacts the moves you need to make.  It is important to be a proactive drive of your car and your business


Stop running your business on auto pilot

Start with a clear map and a good GPS

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