Leadership matters in your business

A business cannot grow faster or farther then the leaders in the business

That is it.
There is nothing more important in your business than the quality of the leadership. And nothing that can create more of a block in business growth than lack of leadership.

Entrepreneurs are independent, smart, hard-working.  Entreprenuers are also stubborn, focused perfectionists. While these are all essential attibutes to get through the challenges of building a buisiness.  They also can cause you to get in your own way.

Being an effective leader comes more naturally to some people.  Everyone can learn the skills and techniques to lead their business forward. Even those who consider themselves natural leaders must be diligent in improving their ability to lead.

What is effective leadership?  Let’s start with what it is not.  It is not being the boss.  It is not making people do things they are not capable of doing, being loud, being scary, it is not a one way street.

To be a leader requires that someone follow you. If you are pushing, they are not following.  If they are not supporting the business, you are not leading.

You, yes you, as the owner must lead.  An effective leader is a good communicator, shares their vision with the people they lead, and encourages others to become leaders. True leadership creates more leaders.

Do you ever think:

  • It would be easier to just do it all myself
  • This is not complicated, why can’t he/she get it right
  • No one listens, I am constantly repeating myself

Start by looking in the mirror. Are you leading? Communication is the response you get. If no one is following, they do not see you as a leader.

Signs of effective leadership

  • Leadership empowers others to solve problems
  • Leadership supports delegating not abdicating responsibilities
  • Leadership requires having faith in others
  • Leadership makes a team out of individuals
  • Leadership builds more leaders


5 things to do today to improve leadership in your buisnes

  1. Lead yourself every day, show discipline in doing what you say you will do
  2. Delegate one new thing in your business this week
  3. Talk to your team, the more you know about them the better leader you will be
  4. Commit to continually improving your own leadership ability through books, workshops and mentors

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