It is essential in every small business to retain customers whenever possible.

The top 3 reasons, that you can influence; why customers do not return to your business. This is blog #3 of 3 on Customer Retention

  1. You, your team, your product, did them wrong 
    1. For more information and background see #1 “Is the Customer Always Right”
  2. Someone else gave them a lower price
    1. For more information and background see #2 “Should You Price Match”
  3. They don’t think they matter to you

Time to cover #3

Show Them They Matter to You

You are more likely to lose a client because they do not think they matter to you than for any other reason.

Have you build a relationship with your customers? In many businesses, it is not reasonable for you as the owner to know every client your business has. Therefore, you need to make them feel like they matter to you in other ways.

5 Painless Ways to Show You Care

  1.  An e-newsletter. While this may seem overdone, when done right it can keep you top of mind with your customers.
    1. Once a month is good, make it fun, informative, and personal. Share stories and keep it simple. This is not a sales flyer rather it is a way to connect so they care about you.
  2. Show you care about your team. When your clients see that you have a strong company culture and your team is a team they are more likely to want to be a part of that.
  3. Be a part of your community. Whether it is through your local schools, chambers, churches, sports associations, volunteer groups, it does not matter what, do something on a regular basis to give back, be involved, and be seen.  More than good business, good quality of life too
  4. Deliver consistently. Always deliver what you promise. Take care of your repeat clients. If they order every 6 weeks and you have not heard from them contact them with enough time for them to get what they need. You become a part of their team
  5. Contact them personally.  Schedule time to contact clients during a block of time each week / month (depending on number of clients).  Host a coffee or lunch meeting with top clients on a rotating basis.  Once a month for you to get in front of each of them face to face at least annually. 

When they believe you care about them as your clients they are more likely to contact you when there is a problem or when they are offered a great deal from someone else.

If your company is not in touch with your customers on a regular basis, someone else is. Most sales go to the sales person who happens to be on the phone at the right time. Make sure that is you.

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