You have your business plan.  You have launched your dream and now growth is needed to create the success you have dreamed of. The potential growth of your business is almost limitless, but it takes a plan.

Consistent growth is led by your strategic plan and that plan should include an specific and intentional referral network. 

Your referral network, is a part of a strong marketing plan. It should include others who do business with your ideal client, connectors who know others, your ideal client (raving fans), and even your almost-competition.  They help you spread the word about your business beyond your personal network. 


7 Steps to a Successful Referral Network


1.     Deliver Quality

If you want others to refer your business, be sure you deliver 100% of the time. Be the best and others will talk about you.


2.    Be Selective

The best referral networks share referrals both ways. Work with businesses and individuals, who can deliver a quality service or product to your contacts.  Someone you are proud to refer.


3.     Givers Gain

A BNI term that really fits here.  When you make introductions it helps others remember you when the opportunity comes up to return the favor.


4.     Raving Fans

Marketing does not stop when you sell to a customer. Stay in touch with clients and create raving fans who will tell everyone about you and your business


5.    Make it Easy

Be intentional about referrals. Position your referral network with the information of who, what, when, why and how they can introduce the ideal people to you.

Give them marketing materials, consider a special offer just for their valued contacts.


6.     Ask

“I did a great job for that client, why aren’t they telling others about me?”  Did you ask them to?  Position your favorite clients right from the start that you would like to work with more clients “just like them”.


7.    Know Your Who, What, Where, When, How & Why

·       Who do you love to work with?

·       What do you offer that makes you stand out?

·       Where are they doing business right now?

·       When is the best time for someone to use your service or product?

·       How do they contact you?  Ideally get your referral network to ask permission for you to contact the potential client, now you are in charge of the communication