Taking an objective look at your company’s strengths and weaknesses can be difficult. To get the full picture you need a 40,000 foot viewpoint, which is why an outside look is so important. When you receive a business assessment from your coach, you’ll get an in-depth analysis on key components of your operations. This business analysis is the catalyst for future success.


Current State Analysis

Benchmarking your current performance metrics is critical for measuring process improvement and planning for the future. Your business assessment will review all aspects of what is going on in your business right now.  The business will be evaluated in terms of efficiency and effectiveness by a skilled business growth strategist with years of experience. We will review areas such as your planning systems, financial results, marketing and sales plans, team development, product quality and development, as well as the current industry opportunities and challenges. To take your business to the next level, first we must know where you are at.


Financial Review

Understanding the financial health of your business is critical for driving profitability and remaining solvent over the long run. Your business coach will review your balance sheet, income statement, cash flows and capital structure, in order to evaluate how well your company is doing. Your coach will be able to explain the nuances of financial reporting and give you an honest opinion on your financial situation. Your coach will also be able to help you develop management reporting, allowing you and your senior leaders to manage your business in a decisive way.


Challenges and Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of a business assessment is the identification of challenges facing your company and opportunities for improvement. Dealing with what is really going on in your business will make your company stronger over the long-term.  Addressing performance gaps in your operations will make your business more profitable. You and your team will be more effective and efficient when you have a clearer picture of what is going on. Your growth strategist will give you detailed action items for improvement opportunities. These opportunities can be difficult for you to see given the angle at which you look at your business. A business assessment can give you an idea of what your company can accomplish.