10 Business Tips to Handling the Yuck

I am overflowing with gratitude for the challenges I have faced in my career as a business coach.  So a more personal blog for you. While some of this information may seem more personal, take these business tips to heart. You are the leader in your business, these will help.

My early days in coaching were challenging for many reasons. A lot to learn, a challenging work environment, personal obstacles, a new me emerging. Some days were downright painful, yet I KNEW where I was meant to be, my destination was solid in my sights.

The path toward that destination is different than I expected and it continually unfolds new twists and turns. Running a business is NEVER easy. Whether you are a boot strap startup, a franchisee, a generational family business or running multiple successful businesses. You will face challenges. Sometimes one at a time but more often it will feel like a season of pushing the big boulder up a steep mountain.

What have you gone through in your business that has made you better?

Appreciate it, without these challenges we are forever limited in finding our real potential.

Becoming a better leader, a stronger business owner, a bigger person is the best way to have the life of your dreams.

Ten Business Tips on how to survive the toughest days in business

  1. Know where you are going and why
  2. Take calculated risks
  3. Move on when necessary
  4. Play Big
  5. Continue working on personal growth
  6. Do not allow unnecessary challenges to get in the way
  7. Stay away from toxic people and toxic environments personal and professional
  8. Let the challenge move you DO NOT STAY IN THE CHAOS
  9. Know that you have access to everything you need to take the next step right now.
  10. Don’t go it alone. You need someone to talk to who will appreciate you and push you

Most important, appreciate the growth and the new level of peace you find at each growth step. Implement these business tips and you will have the endurance to go the distance in your business

Every day I wake up grateful for my life, my family, my clients, and my business. I thank God for handling the tough stuff and giving me what I needed when I needed it.

Everyone needs motivation, here is a video to help with that today   Unbroken