Your business growth is real!

When did you last pat yourself on the back?  Maybe did a little happy dance.  Being an entrepreneur is one of most rewarding and one of the most difficult jobs you can have. Yet we take it on willingly and wholeheartedly often with no one else to say well done, let’s celebrate your business growth.

It is up to you as the business leader to take the time to recognize wins both big and small. Appreciate them and hold on to the joy that comes from what you accomplish.

You cannot wait until you are done. A growing, successful business is never done and that can be exhausting. So be intentional daily, weekly, monthly, quarter, annually to acknowledge the successes in your business.

Our business owners 3rd Quarter planning session was a jam packed with professional development, education, brainstorming and planning session. They also took the time to look back on the past 6 months and what they have done and they got A LOT done.

Celebrating some of their WINS from the first half of 2015, excited to see where they are at on January 1, 2016  Congratulations everyone.

• Ahead on revenue budget for 2015
• Improved quality of product for customers by modifying physical space
Hired a coach to help with my business growth
• Expanding reach outside of office – bringing expertise out to the world
• Have a system to follow up with prospects – No more ‘hoping’ they will call back
• Smooth transition of team members – Realizing the fear of change was unfounded
• Increased staff for growth and increased capacity
• Biggest month (revenue) ever – Yahoo!!!
• Hired new team members
• Revenue down and best profits in 9 years – Working smarter
• Project quality up – Raising prices attracts great clients
• Changed pricing basis and increased size of projects – easier to ask for the payment now
• Have long term goals in place – First time they really seemed real
• Hired a coach and got an outside perspective on our business – Great to see where we are really at
• Spending more time ON my business and less time IN my business – Less stressed and more in control
• Record bookings for one year out – The future looks bright
• Stopped smoking – Biggest win of the whole group
• Took a 10 day vacation with limited business contact – First time in 10 years

And they still have 5.5 months for more business growth ahead, it is going to be a great 2015.

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