Yes it is Fall. Have you reached all the goals you set for your business 10 months ago? I hope not. That being said, I want to help you realize your 2015 goals.

That may seem odd coming from a business coach but the reality is if you have reached the goals you set for the year with 20% of the year yet to go, your goals were too small to begin with. So why do so many people give up on those goals by this time of year? Have you lost your focus, your enthusiasm, your reason for the goal you were so excited about in January?  Maybe you never put your goals on paper and you do not even remember what they were. Either way, it is not too late to impact your results for 2015.

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You probably have accomplished many of the pieces that are necessary to achieve your big goals for the year.  Annual goals are not the end of planning but rather the 2nd level of 5 essential levels in quality planning.  Fourth quarter of the year is critical to pulling all of that together and realizing the results of the hard work you have done.

3 Actions you should take in 4thquarter to celebrate the successes of 2015 and prepare for 2016

  1. Take an honest look
  2. Set specific 4th quarter objectives
  3. Refocus your daily activities

Take an honest look at where you are at for the year and overall in your business. Testing and measuring is essential to growth in your business. Have you been tracking your results throughout the year?  The answer should be yes, so take a fresh look at what those numbers are telling you.

Have you gotten lax about monitoring results? Restart TODAY, here is a list of the most important numbers you need to track always in your business. [*for more information request a copy of the scoreboard]

  • Revenue: How much are you selling every month, week, day, even hour if retail.
  • Profit Margin:
    • Gross Profit  Of the money you bring in, how much goes directly to producing your product and service.
    • Net Profit  What are your monthly expenses? What is the percentage of revenue you keep after all expenses have been paid?  Did you consider debt payments also?
  • Conversion Rates How many people are you talking with for every sale?
  • Team Results
    • What are the KPI ‘s (Key Performance Indicators) that impact your business

2015 Results

Set 4th quarter objectives    Do not let 4th quarter slide by because you are already focused on 2016 or you think it is too late to have an impact on 2015. You have 13 weeks in every quarter USE THEM to achieve the results you can.

Sometimes those results do not show up in the bank account the same quarter you realize them, that is okay. What you do this quarter will have a major impact on your results for 1st quarter 2016

Refocus your daily activities   New Year’s Resolutions are so out of style. You can refocus your activity and create new habits anytime you realize there is a better way to do something.

Use your 4 Quarter Objectives to determine what needs to be done every week until the end of the year (see Big Rocks Sheet). Then get those action items on your calendar. Every day matters.

That does not mean don’t take a day off. It means know when you can take a day off and still be on track for the goals you want to achieve by the end of the year.

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Get Your FREE Copy of our Success Guide