Working long hours, feeling stressed out? Is your business killing you?

Business owners carry stress around like a trophy. “I am crazy busy, my employees are driving me crazy, my spouse/kids/friends just do not know what it is like…”  Those things may really be happening, and how you choose to react to them will impact more than just your business, it may shorten your life.

Stress On The Job Shortens Lives *

  • Across all 18 groups, the researchers found the biggest drops in life expectancy among people who worked in positions where the threat of unemployment and layoffs loomed, as well as jobs that lacked health insurance coverage.
  • After those two “killer” workplace stressors, the biggest drops in life expectancy came from low job control.

What if you are the boss?  What if it is your business?  
Most business owners at some point feel the threat of unemployment as well as low job control.

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As a business owner, your future is not only completely in your control, it is your responsibility to eliminate these concerns in your business.

In any business change and challenge are constant.

  • What if I lose the big client?
  • Will the big competitor moving in put me out of business?
  • Will last month’s customer pay their invoice so I can pay the bills?

All of these lead to the threat of unemployment for the business owner.  In fact on average, only 4% of business owners keep their J.O.B. for more than 10 years. No they do not get fired, they end up out of business because they did not build a sustainable business.

Reacting to outside stressor equals low job control. If the direction of the business is dependent on one big client, or one key employee, if it is dependent on unpredictable accounts receivable or the competition, the control is outside of the business owner’s hands.

7 Steps to Take Control

  1. Have a strategy for the future. This is the big picture for your business and how it will provide you with the quality of life you want. Building a business is a marathon. It takes on average 5-7 years to build a business that can work without you. Most business fail in the first 5 years.
  2. Have a strong plan for how you are going to create this new future. Annual goals, quarterly objectives, weekly action steps bring daily success
  3. Develop urgency and patience. Urgency to get done what needs to get done today and patience to let your plan and strategy develop as scheduled
  4. Learn all you can about what it takes to build a successful business. Do not assume that because you are a great _________ you know what it takes to build the business to support that activity
  5. Ask for help. Like an employee who tries do to everything themselves, when a business owners does this they are setting themselves up to fail.
  6. Be honest with yourself. Is this what you want to be doing? Can this business give you the quality of life you want? Are you seeing your business in an objective manner?
  7. Get Health Insurance. Really this is a part of the quality of life mentioned earlier, a very important part. Personally I am done losing sleep worrying that my football player will break a leg or I will get sick. Take care of the important things and build a business that can support them.
  8. Yes 8, always over deliver. Take a vacation. Schedule it take it and enjoy it, that is an order.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, independent sales people. Whatever your title, if you went into business to improve your own quality of life then . . .


Sorry I will stop yelling now. It is not always easy, it is absolutely possible. Be the boss, take care of your employees, especially the one that lives in your body.

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Closing paragraph from Mr. Mochari’s article

In other words, any way you slice it, you’re taking time off your life if you have a stressful job. It’s the sort of news that could make you want to reach for a cigarette, especially if you’re still at your desk as you read it.

*There are more good points Mr. Mochari makes in his article. Take a look yourself,published October 28, 2015 by Ilan Mochari [@IlanMochari], This Is How a Stressful Job Takes Years Off Your Life