Welcome to Freshfocus Coaching

Dear Business Owner,

I am so looking forward to working with you. Welcome Business Owner to an new adventure.

I appreciate what you have accomplished in your business and the team you have built. I do not choose to work with everyone. I see in you the ability to create a world class business, whatever size fits you.

Working together will make a difference in ways you may not expect.


Yes we will monitor and work on all of the numbers in your business.  Testing and measuring (T&M) are key to building a sustainable, profitable business and will always be a part of our conversations.

We will also work with your marketing team to set expectations, brainstorm fresh ideas, and measure all results.  Sales and marketing will become one unit with two engines.  They cannot be effective without each other. If you are still the #1 (maybe #2 & #3) in these areas that is okay. We will streamline where we can, identify strong processes and begin to better leverage your time.

I want you spending your time as your company’s #1 asset

Of course sales and marketing are where KPI’s are born. This will make your team, your budget, and your activities much more effective.

This is where we start. Answering the question, Are you making money in the most efficient way possible? That may take a month, it may take several months. Either way we will work with where you are right now and move forward as quickly as possible. I will push you 2 steps faster than you believe you can go on your own.

During that ‘pushing’ sometimes you will not like me. You will not always agree with me. That is okay, if we have chosen to work together all I ask is a mutual respect and trust. Think of me as your unreasonable friend, the one that doesn’t let you do stupid things more than once.

Some of the unexpected things will include personal growth, a fresh look at your team, and product development. More about those things later.

This letter could go on and on, there are so many things we will work on together. Always with the focus of improving your quality of life through business growth that is sustainable, leveraged, and profitable.

Ready?  Set?  GO!!

Your business growth specialist and unreasonable friend

Barbara Zuleger