Daily Focus Required for Sustainable Success

Rainy Monday morning, traffic is a mess. Another day it is great to be able to set your own schedule and even work from home.

Many of the things you love about being an entrepreneur are also the things that can hold you back. Working from home and setting your own schedule usually means no one knows what you are working on but you. How are you using your precious time. Do you stay focused on your goals or bounce from project to project?

There is so much to be done in any growing business. Just take a look at the 7 Building Blocks of Business and it is clear that although there are 7 main categories, the tasks within those building blocks are, well pretty much endless.

Where to start, where to start. Focus, FOCUS, FOOOOOCUS. Many entrepreneurs have BSO syndrome. It goes along with the willingness to take a risk and try new things. Both required for a successful business. Bright Shiny Object syndrome can help your business, it can also sink your business really fast. Four half completed projects brings in no revenue, one completed project can.

Refocusing is required daily, sometimes hourly.  Like in any type of planning  you can do it once and be done. You have to use it.  This requires discipline, desire, and determination.

If you are still with me then your case of BSO syndrome may be manageable. Here are some tips on how to regain the focus for success in your business, career, and life.

  1. Have a detailed plan for your quarter that tells you what needs to be done each day. AND USE IT!
  2. Keep a notebook close by to keep track of all the great ideas that come up during the day. Schedule time to go over these great ideas at least once per week.
  3. Be selective about what you implement and put it on the calendar. Even if it’s time is a year out. Putting it on your calendar will get it off your mind.
  4. Ask for feedback. Have a mentor, coach, friend, partner that you can bounce ideas with. Talking out ideas helps to refine the good ones and eliminate the crazy ones.  Even the crazy ideas have merit. They may be showing you a distraction you need to eliminate or a goal that needs a different plan to be reached
  5. Use #1 above to plan for your Daily Success.

You do not build a business in a year or in 5 years. You build a successful business one day at a time.

Think of those shiny objects as precocious children. They need time to explore but you have to decide when they get to come out and play. Without discipline to control your focus even the best ideas can wreak havoc in your business. Focus required for a sustainable, leveraged, profitable business


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