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Business Success - No-Regrets

A no-regrets attitude means do everything that needs to be done, everything that can be done, and keep doing it until you succeed or determine a different path.

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How to Succeed in Business

Why do so many entrepreneurs with big dreams give up on them a few years later? And of those who do survive, how many are thriving at year 10?

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Keep Your Eyes On Your Business

Driving your business is like driving a car. You have to stay alert, focused and in control at all times

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Small Business Week ENTER TO WIN

May is the month to stop and CELEBRATE SMALL BUSINESS

All during the month of May you can ENTER TO WIN great prizes, BECAUSE WE LOVE TO CELEBRATE YOU!!

What can you win?   Business books, gas cards, free workshops for a year, full coaching session, business assessment and more.  Total value of prizes available over $1500.  Enter early and often, this is stuff you need

  • Business Books  ($25+)
  • Gas Card   ($50)
  • Year of Free Business Workshops  ($750+)
  • Full Coaching Session ($250)
  • Business Assessment   ($600)
  • and more . .

Here are 4 Easy Ways to ENTER ...

1. Check out our website, www.PerformancePartnersCoaching.com, enter your contact information and add I LOVE TO WIN in the comments

2. Like our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/PerformancePartnersCoaching/ look for the WINNERS Post and introduce yourself and your business

3. Register for any of our upcoming workshops through our events page www.PerformancePartnersCoaching.com/events 

4. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute coffee chat with your Business Strategist https://my.timetrade.com/book/V86QJ


Leadership matters in your business

A business cannot grow faster or farther then the leaders in the business

That is it.
There is nothing more important in your business than the quality of the leadership. And nothing that can create more of a block in business growth than lack of leadership.

Entrepreneurs are independent, smart, hard-working.  Entreprenuers are also stubborn, focused perfectionists. While these are all essential attibutes to get through the challenges of building a buisiness.  They also can cause you to get in your own way.

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Upcoming Events from Performance Partners Coaching

The fastest way to build your business is to build yourself. The more you learn the faster your business will grow. Join us for one or ALL of the upcoming educational workshops from Performance Partners Coaching

All information is at www.PerformancePartnersCoaching.com/events

May 17      Effective Leadership

May 23      Get Unstuck with WIN

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  Building a Profitable Business   

Effective Leadership  

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Small Business Week Celebration

Let's Celebrate !! Celebrating Small Business Week with Great Prizes for Smart Entrepreneurs. Just a quick note to let everyone know about some amazing things coming up in honor of Small Business Week. Helping Entrepreneurs Improve their Quality of Life through Business Growth that is Sustainable, Leveraged and Profitable. This is our vision every day at Performance Partners Coaching. During this week honoring the entrepreneurs who improve our communities every day we have some excting things to offer

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When it Comes to Strategy, Right or Wrong is in the Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to strategy, right or wrong is in the eye of the beholder.


good enough strategy excellently implemented will trump a perfect strategy lukewarmly implemented nine times out of ten.”  Don Sull, The Upside of Turbulence

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What do You do with YOUR idea?

And then, I realized what you do with an idea…

You Change The World” – Kobi Yamada


There is an idea that scares you, that follows you around and sounds crazy to most people. This idea requires you to look differently at the world. An idea that “encouraged (you) to think big . . . and then, to think bigger.”

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