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Happy New Year

That magical day that will make all the difference in your business does exist. In most cases you will not notice that it is magical until long after the day has gone.

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What Do I Have To Celebrate?

Business owners who wait for the next big whatever to appreciate their business struggle to maintain the energy needed to keep going day after day

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Where Does The Time Go?

      5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Time Management

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Beyond SMART Goals

Without goals you are at the mercy of the people around you, and society in general. When goals are not present people become reactive. Reacting to whatever is happening each day. An entrepreneur in reactive-mode is not building their business. They are surviving if lucky. Even if they are very lucky and reach a level of success, they do not know how they got there and when the dip comes, the dip is always right around the corner, they will have no idea how to make the necessary tweaks to adjust.

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Your Numbers Tell a Story

As the business owner, you and you alone are responsible for the results in your business.  Your team is there to help you. If you do not know where you are currently at and have a plan for where you are going no one can help you get there.

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For True Abundance, Set Your RAS

Setting your RAS means you determine what is important. Your brain believes what you tell it. If you spend time thinking about things you do not want, your RAS will find things to help support those thoughts. Negative can bring on more negative. What does this have to do with Abundance? You are responsible for telling your brain what is important! You and you alone will set the program to get your conscious brain focused on what you DO want.

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Business Success - No-Regrets

A no-regrets attitude means do everything that needs to be done, everything that can be done, and keep doing it until you succeed or determine a different path.

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How to Succeed in Business

Why do so many entrepreneurs with big dreams give up on them a few years later? And of those who do survive, how many are thriving at year 10?

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Keep Your Eyes On Your Business

Driving your business is like driving a car. You have to stay alert, focused and in control at all times

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Small Business Week ENTER TO WIN

May is the month to stop and CELEBRATE SMALL BUSINESS

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