Business Building
– The Reality

Do you remember the first time you thought about starting your own business? What an exciting adventure. Whether you were 5 or 55 you were likely both excited and optimistic about the possibilities for that new business. Many new entrepreneurs begin with a statement that something like…“I will make the best lemonade in town and everyone will want some! In fact this town needs me.” And the lemonade stand is up and running with expectations of working hard, flexible hours, profits, and control over your future.

Reality is that after the first few pitchers of lemonade are gone through some of that enthusiasm starts to wane. You are willing to work hard but really, 50-60-100 hours a week? Flexible hours now mean “I work all the time.” And profits go back in to the business as quickly as they appear. You may still love what you do but it has taken over your life and still it is not providing you with the quality of life you want.

Now what? Now it is time to figure out how to do more than just make great lemonade. This is where the challenge of running a business comes in. For some business this first transition happens quickly for others it can be years down the road.

Some signs that it is time to become more intentional in your business are:

If you identify with even one of these statements it is time for a change. For your business to change first you must change.

The first three steps to meaning full change and growth in your business:

1. BE PATIENT: Create a plan and follow it one step at a time

2. CREATE URGENCY: Do what you need to do today to keep moving your business forward.

3. ASK FOR HELP FROM A TRUSTED ADVISOR: Yeah we know you are an entrepreneur, one of those independent folks who can and will do it all on their own.

Doing it on your own has gotten you where you are. Congratulations. Now let’s see what we can do together.

Growth that is Sustainable, Leveraged and Profitable does not just happen.

It takes strategic planning and implementation for your hard work to give you the best results possible. Without a plan it can all be just busy work.